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Illuminated Switch Caps
MENTOR’s light guide competency delivers a homogenously-lit switch-face from just two customer-supplied SMD LEDs. Versions for use with tactile switches both under overlays and via apertures in painted enclosures are available. There are also shallow versions for use with MICON 5 and dome switches on membrane keypads. More...

Full-face Status Indicators
Ranges of status indicators are available to match the sizes and dimensions of the switch caps. More...

Versions with Integrated "Spot" Status Indication
Individual secondary and tertiary status indication built into the switch face. Other versions incorporate miniature light guides. More...

Unique light-guide based 7-segment display
Utilising separate SMD LEDs. Allows RGB displays and infinite size variation. More...

Electronica 2016
Meet with Multitron on MENTOR’s stand at Electronica in Munich and let us introduce you to the relevant specialist engineers who can advise you on your latest design project. An appointment “time window” is recommended. Please contact

Custom solutions
Our very broad range of standard stocked components is available from many major global distributors at very low MOQs but you should always contact Multitron to discuss your application. Totally unique custom solutions are MENTOR’s speciality, working closely with major OEM and automotive customers.

MENTOR has world-leading competence in the design, simulation and ultimate manufacture. You can exploit this expertise for your next design project - whether it's small or large, we can probably help!

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Established in 1920, MENTOR GmbH is an extremely successful, self-funded and highly-invested company with legendary standards of efficiency. It has 600 employees and is German headquarted with additional substantial manufacturing facilities in Germany, Poland and Tunisia.

Standard stocked parts encompass opto and light guides, handles, knobs, switches, sensors etc. Around 50% of turnover comes from MENTOR innovatively fulfilling customer-specific requirements from design to finished component, all in-house and very cost-effectively.

Opto design and manufacture is a core and world-leading MENTOR competency and they are 1st tier suppliers to many major auto companies.

This experience has resulted in MENTOR developing unique skills; they are able to virtually design optics and take these to in-house production without the need for prototyping. Many non-automotive companies are now exploiting these capabilities.

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Multitron Ltd was established in January 2012 with substantial support from MENTOR. Its management has a 20-year track record of assisting Design Engineers with MENTOR solutions.

Multitron is MENTOR's sole agent in the UK & ROI and is also contracted to represent MENTOR to major global "catalogue-based" distributors and OEMs. Its three main objectives are:

  • Assist Design Engineers to successfully identify and exploit the many elegant design solutions that can be found within the broad range of MENTOR standard and semi-custom components.
  • Managing "Total Solution" projects that allow OEMs to benefit from MENTOR's unique combination of opto and electronic design expertise, coupled with legendarily efficient in-house manufacturing competence.
  • The efficient management of MENTOR's supply chain to major global catalogue-based distributors and OEMs.

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