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There is no cost or obligation - just click here to ask Multitron to send you a sample pack covering 21 representative types from MENTOR's massive range of >450 standard light guides.

We have hundreds of these rather costly sample packs to send to Design Engineers but stock is obviously limited so supply must be on a first-come-first-served basis. Santa's Elves Ltd has been contracted for logistics since they assure us that they have economies of scale at this time of year so who knows, there may even be a little extra surprise gift or two?


Within your pack you will find samples of both front and rear insertion variants of panel-mounted light guides covering spherical, planar and counter-bore heads, with either 0° or 45° light inject faces. Diameters vary from Ø2 mm to Ø5 mm, along with square-headed alternatives. Even IP68 versions are included.

PCB-mounted light guides are sampled in both horizontal and vertical formats. From single element units to stunning 4-row high, 10-column wide, 40-element arrays, MENTOR's "classic" ranges of PCB-mounted light guides are designed for the 5.08mm grid and generally have Ø3 mm light elements.


Almost the entire MENTOR classic range has now been replicated in a new and unique "miniaturised" range. This has been designed for the 2.54 mm grid and features tiny Ø2 mm light elements.

Despite these being positioned very close together in the interests of miniaturisation, MENTOR's advanced design and manufacturing skills ensure that there is no visible light bleed between elements.


Don't just take our word for this - check it out for yourself by requesting your free sample pack! Both classic and miniaturised samples are included in the pack and the square-headed variants will excite you if you are attempting to differentiate your new design from the norm.


When you receive your pack, do experiment with MENTOR's 150 mm long flexible light guide. You will be impressed with its optical performance and realise how such a component can "get you out of a hole" when face-lifting your product half-way through its life-cycle.

Whilst waiting for your sample pack to arrive, why not check-out our video of many of our different light guides in action?


We highlight below just some of the light guides that you will find inside your free sample box but don't forget that Multitron's Light Guide Micro-Site is just a click away and is the web's most comprehensive resource for specialist engineers. It provides useful information about the options available for each type of light guide category and provides the facility to very easily drill-down to the detail page of the exact part that you need for your design.


We're also very friendly when you telephone us on +44 203 475 2610. We are well-used to Engineers telling us that despite our offer of >450 standard parts they need a custom dimension.

This is rarely a problem; we have developed a clever system of tool inserts that allows us to supply special lengths, normally with little or no tooling costs.

Talk to us about what you need, we can very often find a work-around. Custom materials to provide self-colouring, diffusion and UV-stabilisation are all easily provided.

Also, over half our business comes from designing and manufacturing totally unique, highly sophisticated and technically challenging custom opto solutions.

Request your FREE sample pack of MENTOR Light Guides here
Included in the sample kit:
Front panel light guides for rear mounting
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Front panel light guides for front mounting
More information
Bargraph displays for assembly on printed circuit boards
More information
Vertical light guides for printed circuit board mounting
More information
Horizontal light guides for printed circuit board mounting
More information
Flexible light guide systems
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Square light guides
More information
Miniature light guides
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All standard MENTOR light guides are stocked by both and

Established in 1920, MENTOR GmbH is an extremely successful, self-funded and highly-invested company with legendary standards of efficiency. It has 600 employees and is German headquartered with additional substantial manufacturing facilities in Germany, Poland and Tunisia. Stardard stocked parts encompass handles, knobs, switches, sensors, opto and light guides. Around 50% of turnover comes from MENTOR innovatively fulfilling customer-specific requirements from design to finished component, all in-house and very cost-effectively.

Opto design and manufacture is a core and world-leading MENTOR competency and they are 1st tier suppliers to many major auto companies. This experience has resulted in MENTOR developing unique skills; they are able to virtually design optics and take these to in-house production without the need for prototyping. Many non-automotive companies are now exploiting these capabilites.

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Multitron Ltd was established in January 2012 with substantial support from MENTOR. Its management has a 19-year track record of assisting Design Engineers with MENTOR solutions.

Multitron is MENTOR's sole agent in the UK & ROI and is also contracted to represent MENTOR to major global "catalogue-based" distributors and OEMs. Its three objectives are:

  • Assist its region's Design Engineers to successfully identify and exploit the many elegant design solutions that can be found within the broad range of MENTOR standard and semi-custom components.
  • Managing "Total Solution" projects that allow its region's OEMs to benefit from MENTOR's unique combination of opto and electronic design expertise, coupled with legendarily efficient in-house manufacturing competence.
  • The efficient management of MENTOR's supply chain to major global catalogue-based distributors and OEMs.
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