Elegant and Ergonomic knobs - dramatically enhance the user-perception of your design

A knob is a knob, some may say. But whatever the wizardry under the hood, stylish, high quality knobs can transform perceptions of an electronic product from simply "functional" to "best in class".

Multitron, the exclusive UK & ROI agent for the substantial German component manufacturer MENTOR, has announced the availability of a range of plastic and aluminium control knobs, offering aesthetic and ergonomic solutions for every application, from digital and analogue turning knobs to wing knobs, pointing knobs, instrument knobs, toggle knobs, potentiometer knobs, dual concentric shaft knobs and high-precision turning knobs.

MENTOR is a 500-strong manufacturer with a near 100-year legacy and a legendary reputation for reliability and excellence. Today they are well-known as a leading manufacturer of light guides and LED optics, yet they still remain one of the world's largest manufacturers of knobs and handles, often combining their multi-disciplined and leading-edge competencies to produce innovative solutions. The image below graphically demonstrates an example of this, showing their custom solution for an RGB LED/light guide-based control knob fitted to a top-of-the-range guitar.

You have to see (and feel!) to believe so ask Multitron for samples in order to see how they can add that critical finishing touch to your own new design that will differentiate it from the norm!

Download the MENTOR Metal and Plastic Knobs catalogue (PDF)


Aluminium Rotating Knobs

MENTOR's range of Aluminium Rotating Knobs with "Top-Screw & Cap" Fixing are available in many different shapes and sizes.

"Side-Screw" Fixings is an option - two finishes are offered - natural and black. Many different sizes and shapes are offered. MENTOR's range of Aluminium Rotating Knobs for Screwdriver Adjustment have a "Side-Screw" Fixing. The range includes various shapes and dimensions.

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High-Precision Rotating Knobs

These MENTOR Aluminium Rotating Knobs provide a Dual Coarse/Fine Adjustment for applications requiring very precise adjustment. The fine adjustment to coarse adjustment is 6:1.

MENTOR's High-Precision 10:1 Drive Converter is a 10:1 drive converter, which converts a switch operation from 1:1 to 10:1; allowing extremely fine adjustment.

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Aluminium Wing and Pointer Knobs

MENTOR's Aluminium Wing Knobs with "Side-Screw" Fixing are available in two finishes: black or natural. Different sizes are also offered. MENTOR's Aluminium Pointer Knobs with "Top-Screw & Cap" Fixing are available in natural or black surface finishes.

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Modular Plastic Turning Knob System with Collet Fixing

MENTOR offers two separate ranges of modular plastic turning knob systems. Each consists of various diameters of knobs (between 11.8mm and 48.0 mm) and shaft sizes of 3, 4, 6, 8 & 10mm are covered. They are finished in black (custom colours are possible) and can be supplied either with or without line markings. All of these knobs are standard, stocked parts, available "off the shelf" with low MOQs.

Caps are ordered separately and offered in a choice of six colours. Both ranges include a comprehensive selection of accessories such as nut covers (with or without pointers), pointer dials and base plates etc. It is worth noting that certain knobs can be mounted one above the other to allow the operation of rotary switches with dual concentric shafts.

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Digital & Analogue Rotating Knobs

These MENTOR Digital Rotating Knobs are for use with precision potentiometers or other devices requiring rotating knobs. The Analogue Rotating Knobs are designed for analogue instrumentation applications.

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Plastic Knobs with Pointers

These black plastic knobs have a fluted design to ensure good grip. The matt-finished versions are manufactured from PBT whilst the gloss version use ABS. Various diameters between 12mm and 28mm are available and a choice of six colours of caps is offered. An option is Side-Screw fixing. MENTOR provide many different size and shape options.

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Plastic Wing-knobs, Locking-knobs and Knurled knobs

MENTOR's Plastic Wing-Knobs are designed for Collet Fixing; this allows for top caps to be specified in a choice of six different standard colours. MENTOR offers four size variations as standard (diameters between 15mm and 35mm) and there are versions to fit 3mm, 4mm and 6mm shafts.

MENTOR offers many different Pointer sizes, shapes, heights, diameters etc. The range of Plastic Locking Knobs uses a "Top-Screw & Cap" Fixing. The chosen setting can be locked in place. MENTOR's range of Plastic Knurled Knobs with "Top-Screw & Cap" Fixing are designed for applications that require a comfortable and secure grip for fine adjustments.

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Mentor - Innovations for the future Mentor - Innovations for the future

Established in 1920, MENTOR GmbH is an extremely successful, self-funded and highly-invested company with legendary standards of efficiency. It has 500 employees and is German headquartered with additional substantial manufacturing facilities in Germany, Poland and Tunisia. Standard, stocked parts encompass handles, knobs, switches, sensors, opto and light guides. Around 50% of turnover comes from MENTOR innovatively fulfilling customer-specific requirements from design to finished component, all in-house and very cost-effectively.

Opto design and manufacture is a core and world-leading MENTOR competency and they are first-tier suppliers to many major auto companies. This experience has resulted in them developing unique skills; they are able to virtually design optics and take these to in-house production without the need for prototyping. Many non-automotive companies are now exploiting these capabilities.

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Multitron Ltd was established in January 2012 with substantial support from MENTOR. Its management has an 18-year trackrecord of assisting Design Engineers with MENTOR solutions.

Multitron is MENTOR's sole agent for the UK & ROI. Its three objectives are:-

  • Assist its region's Design Engineers to successfully identify and exploit the many elegant design solutions that can be found within the broad range of MENTOR standard and semi-custom components.
  • Managing "Total Solution" projects that allow its region's OEMs to benefit from MENTOR's unique combination of opto and electronic design expertise, coupled with legendarily efficient in-house manufacturing competence.
  • The efficient management of MENTOR's supply chain to major global catalogue-based distributors and CEMs.

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