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Having launched Multitron’s new website last month, we now highlight a few of the innovative MENTOR electronic component design solutions you will find there. Even if you do not need them today, it is good to be aware of them!

Multitron’s mission is to help Electronics Engineers exploit the thousands of standard MENTOR parts, advise on low-cost dimensional changes and to facilitate dialogue with MENTOR’s specialist engineers to deliver elegant custom solutions. MENTOR’s ranges and competencies are diverse but if you need a specialist opto advice, MENTOR is almost uniquely placed to assist.

Cost-effective illumination for membrane key pads switches.

We have shown MENTOR’s new illuminated switch solution to five major membrane keyboard manufacturers in the last two weeks.  They are all exceptionally enthusiastic about this simple solution to what is universally seen as a common backlighting challenge. (They are currently all screaming for demo boards so they can show their customers!)

Round and custom shapes are easily achievable and everything needed is available from MENTOR stock at low MOQs.  Click below to view the short video illustrating the simple (patented) concept. Standard versions are available for use with:-

• Tact, Micron 5 and Dome switches.
• Underneath foils/overlays.
• Through enclosure aperture with facility for text foils.

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Flexible Light Guides.

Just one of thousands of MENTOR standard parts, we feature the 150mm long, Ø3mm flexible light guide simply because every Design Engineer to whom we have shown it absolutely raves about our working demo!

Sometimes, such a visually effective flexible light guide is seen as a “get me out of a hole” solution when redesigning a product mid-life-cycle. It is also an elegant and cost-effective solution for many other design challenges. No tooling required and MOQ is 1 pc!

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Illuminated knobs (custom solutions).

Intrigued by what you see but don’t know what it is? Like us, you must be players of air guitar rather than the real thing! You are viewing the control knob fitted to Gibson’s flagship guitar.

Mentor has combined its electro-mechanical knob heritage (they are one of the world’s largest handle and knob manufacturers) with its world-leading opto competencies to produce a stunningly-attractive and effective component. The concept could be adapted for many other applications.

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Multitron’s new web site

Launched in Jan 2014 this “invaluable resource for Electronic Design Engineers and Purchasing Professionals”, allows you to easily navigate through the various standard and custom component solutions offered by MENTOR.

These include light guides, LED optics, opto components, displays, switches, handles and knobs. The site’s content is already evolving and over the coming months, we shall be adding more details and case-studies about MENTOR’s innovative custom opto solutions.

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About Multitron & MENTOR.
About Multitron & MENTOR

Find out how MENTOR's near 100 year heritage and substantial investments in international plants can give you confidence in specifying their products and services. Learn how Multitron was recently formed specifically to help UK Design Engineers exploit MENTOR's offer.

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Multitron's Blog.
Multitron's Blog

Read informal updates about how Multitron is working alongside UK Design Engineers just like you in order to assist them meet design and cost objectives. Learn also how Multitron works alongside Purchasing Professionals to deliver MENTOR's legendary standards of delivery and quality efficiency.

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Mentor - Innovations for the future Mentor - Innovations for the future

Established in 1920, MENTOR GmbH is a 500 employee international component manufacturer with standard ranges encompassing handles, knobs, switches, sensors, opto and light guides. Design and manufacturing facilities in Germany, Poland, Tunisia and China allow MENTOR to fulfill customer requirements from design to finished component, all in-house.

Opto design and manufacture is a core and world-leading MENTOR competency and they are first-tier suppliers of lighting to many major auto companies. This experience has resulted in them developing unique skills and they are able to virtually design optics and take these designs to in-house production without the need for prototyping. Many non-automotive companies are now exploiting these skills.


Multitron was formed in Jan 2012 with active support from MENTOR. Its sole objective is to reach out to UK & ROI Design Engineers and assist them to exploit MENTOR’s many standard and custom electronic component solutions. We also work alongside purchasing professionals to deliver delivery and cost objectives.

MENTOR is a joy to work with and have an unbelievably efficient track-record. Having shipped two million parts since Multitron’s inception, we have yet to have one quality return and all these parts arrive on the day they were promised. Multitron (and its customers) have easy lives!

Multitron is MENTOR's exclusive agent for the UK & ROI.

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