Stylish Components to Differentiate your Product

Stylish MENTOR Components

MENTOR’s vast range of standard components can add style to your product and make it stand out from the competition.

From Light Guides and Switch Caps providing fully-homogeneous illumination, to stylish Equipment Handles and Knobs, MENTOR’s standard components can provide the differentiation needed in today’s very competitive product marketplace. More…

MENTOR’s Catalogues are available as Downloadable PDFs

Light Guide Overview: One-Minute Video

Light Guide Overview Video

See working demos of light guides, all in “technicolour action” – be sure to view the video to fully understand how these components can enhance your products! Play the Light Guide Video…

Visit the Light Guides Microsite for more information on MENTOR’s very extensive range of Light Guides including: Horizontal, Vertical, Circular, Custom, Front Panel plus many more options.

Read about MENTOR’s Two Unique Light Guide Product Ranges: IP68 Light Guides and Area Lighting for Logos, Symbols and Text

Opto Electronic Components

Opto components example

The range includes LED Ring Lighting, Front Panel Lights, General-purpose Lamps, LED Display Systems, Surface Symbol Illumination and much more. More…

Illuminated Switch Caps

Illuminated switch caps examples

MENTOR’s patented illuminated switch cap range offers Design Engineers an elegant, cost-effective solution for illuminated switching. The innovative design is the result of MENTOR’s near 100-year legacy in the manufacture of electronic components. More…

Electromechanical Components

Electromechanical components examples

MENTOR offers a comprehensive range of electromechanical components as Surface Mounted Devices (SMD) or using Through-Hole Technology (THT). Reliable, durable and versatile, they are the result of decades of experience in the development and production of components for a wide range of applications in industrial electronics. More…

Equipment Handles

Equipment handles examples

MENTOR’s eclectic selection of industrial, enclosure and equipment handles offers elegant and functional solutions for any application requiring a handle. It includes hundreds of plastic (some two-component), anodised aluminium, chrome, steel and stainless steel variants. More…

Equipment Knobs

Equipment knobs examples

MENTOR’s wide range of plastic and aluminium knobs offers an aesthetic and ergonomic solution for every application, from potentiometer knobs to wing knobs, collet knobs, pointing knobs and toggle knobs. Plus locking knobs, dual concentric shaft knobs and high precision turning knobs. More…

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