Quality Instrument and Control Knobs

Quality knobs, setting your product apart from the competition

MENTOR offers a very wide range of control and adjusting knobs. In addition to knobs made of plastic, aluminium and chromed brass, the ranges also include digital and analogue turning knobs, aluminium wing knobs and complementary accessories. A range of material options and fixings are also offered for MENTOR’s electronic knobs, for example different plastics, with a choice of collet or setscrew fixings. More…

Standard products and Custom solutions

Many standard products are available off-the-shelf with short delivery times and low MOQs. Implementing customised solutions is one of MENTOR’s core competencies – alternative shapes, colours, radii and dimensions are all possible. Experienced product developers will work with you to find the best engineering solution combined with cost-effectiveness. View our range of Control Knobs

Samples available

It is difficult to articulate or illustrate on a web page how the high quality finish and tactile qualities of German-manufactured MENTOR knobs can transform users’ perception of a product. Please Contact Multitron to request samples, so you can judge this subjective issue for yourself.

Plastic Knobs

MENTOR’s plastic knobs are cost-effective and versatile. Produced from ABS or PBT, these knobs are robust and easy to install, with a choice of collet or set screw fixing. The plastic range includes wing knobs, pointer knobs and turning knobs with pointers plus modular plastic knob systems. Many products are available off the shelf with short delivery times and low MOQs.

Easily Customisable Plastic Knob System – Utilising complementary parts, MENTOR’s plastic knob systems can be configured to suit a range of applications. The knob system allows knobs to be customised, for instance, with a different pointer dial or cap colour. Custom dimensions and shapes are available on standard components. More…

Aluminium and Chrome Knobs

Aluminium Control Kobs

The properties of aluminium make it an ideal material for equipment knobs, creating a refined and high-quality perception. MENTOR’s ranges of aluminium knobs offer a variety of striking designs and are available in different different fixings. Using complementary accessories, MENTOR’s aluminium turning knobs can be adapted to meet the needs of the application. Two high-gloss Chrome Knob ranges are also offered.

Versatile Knob System – MENTOR’s Aluminium Knob System offers flexibility and versatility with a choice of black or natural anodised finishes and options with and without position indicator lines. Accessories include pointers, pointer dials, nut covers etc. More…

Analogue and Digital Knobs

Analogue and Digital Knobs

MENTOR’s analogue and digital knobs are designed for use with multi-turn, precision rotary devices such as potentiometers and other types of switch panel control. Both digital and analogue versions feature a locking brake and offer precision readability. The digital and analogue knobs feature a design made from plastic or plastic with an aluminium housing. The range of plastic locking knobs offers the option of with or without dial or pointer, with a choice of two shaft diameters. More…

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