Light Guides with Bright, Even Lighting and Vibrant Colours

Light Guides with Bright, Even Lighting and Vibrant Colours

MENTOR’s Light Guides are easy-to-mount LED-based solutions manufactured from long-life, high-performance plastics. The standard range is amongst the most comprehensive in the world and includes over 450 part numbers, the majority of which are immediately available ex-stock. Options include circular, square, rectangular and miniature heads, with horizontal, vertical, and multi-row configurations. More…

Minimised Light Bleed and Maximised Luminosity

MENTOR Light Guides are highly-efficient, precision optical products. The image above illustrates how the internal surfaces of the Light Guides minimise scatter of light ie the “bleed” from one element to another, whilst maximising the luminous efficiency. The end-result is bright, homogeneous lighting with undiluted colours.

Horizontal and Vertical Light Guides

With Square, Rectangular, Circular and Miniature Heads

MENTOR’s Horizontal and Vertical Light Guides are available as single and multiple versions in variations of one, two, three and four-rows high and up to 10 columns wide. As well as the classic 5.08mm grid, a range of miniature Light Guides with a 2.54mm grid are also available.

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