Knobs with Superb Tactile Qualities

MENTOR’s instrument and control knobs include Plastic, Aluminium and Digital/Analogue ranges –  many are ex-stock with low MOQs.

Samples available – judge for yourself the quality, tactile feel

It’s difficult to articulate or illustrate how the high quality finish and tactile qualities of MENTOR’s knobs can transform users’ perception of a product. Please contact Multitron to request samples, so you can judge this subjective issue for yourself.

Innovative LED Ring Lighting

MENTOR combine their expertise in highly sophisticated product lighting solutions with their 99-year-electro-mechanical heritage. One example is their innovative LED Ring Lighting which provides a totally homogeneous lighting effect using just one LED:

Download MENTOR’s Knob Catalogue

MENTOR’s Knob Catalogue is available as a Downloadable PDF or as part of a library of all printed MENTOR catalogues that you can order free-of-charge:

Plastic Knobs and Modular Knob Systems

Produced from ABS or PBT, MENTOR plastic equipment knobs are cost-effective and versatile. With the choice of collet or set screw fixing, they are easy to install. Utilising complementary accessories, MENTOR plastic turning knob systems can be configured to suit a range of applications. More…

Aluminium & Chrome Knobs and Modular Knob System

Aluminium Control Kobs

The properties of aluminium make it an ideal material for control knobs, creating a refined and high-quality perception. MENTOR’s ranges of aluminium knobs offer a variety of striking designs and are available in different fixings. Using complementary accessories, MENTOR’s aluminium turning knobs can be adapted to meet the needs of the application. More…

Digital, Analogue and Locking Knobs

Analogue and Digital Knobs

MENTOR’s analogue and digital turning knobs are designed for use with multi-turn, precision rotary potentiometers and other types of switch panel control. They feature a robust design made from plastic or plastic with an aluminium housing. These MENTOR turning knobs indicate the setting value using revolution counters or scales and are the ideal way to achieve a high-precision, reproducible result in the application. More…

LED Ring Lighting

LED Ring Lighting

Creative Lighting is as important in instrument and machinery applications as it is in the world of consumer products. Sophisticated lighting can help differentiate your product from the competition by creating functional and aesthetic added-value. MENTOR’s LED Ring Lighting combines a 99-year legacy in electromechanical components with truly world-leading, highly sophisticated competencies in Product Lighting design and manufacture. More…


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