Evaluation Sample of MENTOR Area Lighting Module

We have a limited number of Evaluation Modules for you to assess the truly astonishing eveness of the lighting and the potential impact on your product:

Call Duncan Grove on DDI +44 203 475 2611  –  Or Email dg@multitron.co.uk

The fully-working Area Lighting Evaluation Module is supplied with a blank diffusor.

An evaluation module with a pre-printed sample logo is available for a small additional charge.

In addition, customer-specific printing can be provided at a cost of just a few hundred pounds, which will be credited against the first production-volume order.


Area Lighting for Logos, Symbols and Text

MENTOR’s new RGB LED Area Lighting modules feature a flat panel design. The LED backlighting benefits from MENTOR’s product lighting expertise, providing very even, truly homogeneous illumination over an area of 50x16mm.

The module features an ESD-protected PCB with (impressively!) just a single RGB LED, offering an infinite range of backlight colours.

There are four printing options and six mounting options – see below. Printing can be carried out by MENTOR (MOQ 1,000 pcs) or by the customer.

Possible modifications to the standard product include a larger lighting area of up to 55x55mm (MOQ 3,000 pcs). Even larger sizes are possible, as well as a PCB-mounted version.

Four Options for Printing

Click to see details and explanatory animations.

Six Options for Mounting

Click to see details and explanatory animations.

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