Custom Product Lighting Solutions

Learn how MENTOR’s customers are exploiting Product Lighting in order to differentiate their products

MENTOR’s ranges of standard light guide and opto products are well known and many of these parts can be modified with little or no tooling cost.

However, did you know that over half of MENTOR’s turnover is derived from the design and manufacture of highly sophisticated, customer-specific product lighting solutions?

No matter how large, few if any global automotive or OEM manufacturers have the highly specialist skills, equipment and simulation capabilities necessary to achieve homogenous, optically correct results in-house. Many have tried and failed before turning to MENTOR for a solution!

Case Study 1: Illuminated control knob for a Grohe intelligent water system, displaying the water output – chilled, sparkling, still etc

The Grohe Blue Home is an intelligent system that transforms simple water into filtered, chilled, still, medium or sparkling water. MENTOR has developed (and manufactured in its entirety) a fully-custom illuminated solution which combines an attractive lighting effect for the ergonomic control knob with a functional colour-code to signal the selected type of water – blue for cool, green for sparkling etc. More…

Case Study 2: Audi Q2 interior lighting that the driver can select to reflect the currently-preferred ambience

Audi’s 2017 Quattro Q2 incorporates interior feature lighting designed and manufactured by MENTOR, providing dynamically mixed LED-coloured light to create an attractive, completely homogenous lighting effect. The RGB light sources produce a very consistent user-selected colour. Key features include automatic colour-calibration for a homogenous effect as well as the fact that when unlit, the surface gives no indication of its potential to be illuminated. Off-status = undetectable! More…

Case Study 3: MENTOR’s achievement in delivering totally homogenous light around 360° of varying radii, using just two LED light sources is truly impressive

The Thermomix® intelligent food mixer combines weighing, chopping, blending, mixing, grating etc. MENTOR developed an elegant, functional lighting system which adds sophistication to the product. Using just two LEDs, a perfectly homogeneous, green circumferential light ring confirms the current operational status to the user – for example the successful download of their chosen recipes. More…

Case Study 4: Attractive & Functional “Mood Lighting” for ultra-modern sanitaryware

The innovative WC module Monolith Plus from Geberit demonstrates how light can be both functional and mood-creating. MENTOR’s solution incorporates a reflective coating which provides very even, homogeneous light. A “pulsing” effect provides a visual indication of the fan function. More…

Case Study 5: Modified Standard Light Guide for the motor starter in a PLC control system

In this example, Siemens used a modified version of a standard Light Guide – the miniaturised MENTOR square Light Guide 1296. This solution suited the straightforward design of the control system perfectly. More…

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