With its near 100-year heritage as a leading electronic component manufacturer, MENTOR must be one of the longest-standing exhibitors at Electronica.

I was again in attendance in a support role during 2014 and for sure left Munich enthused about the exciting new MENTOR product introductions that Multitron now has available to offer its UK customers (especially custom light guides with no tooling and 300 pcs MOQ!!)

However, my genuine overriding feeling upon departure was how privileged Multitron is to be representing what I view to be the epitome of a very fine manufacturer.  MENTOR is an extraordinarily successful, 500-strong, very efficient, highly-invested, excitingly-innovative, Germany-headquartered company with international plants.  In my eighteen-year experience,  MENTOR is scrupulously correct in its dealings and always takes the long-term view.  It employs the highest calibre engineers and managers and regularly makes substantial yet sensible self-funded  capital investments in order to ensure its continued success.  Whilst MENTOR values its status as an important 1st-tier supplier to many major automotives, it recognises that its specialist skills are equally relevant to diverse small to large OEMs and enjoys mutually beneficial relationships with many diverse customers regardless of size.

A very “serious” company yet friendly with it, MENTOR is a joy to work with and extraordinarily supportive of Multitron’s efforts to deliver elegant, cost-effective solutions to UK Design Engineers.  Such back-up gives me personally enormous confidence during discussions with customers.  My faith in MENTOR’s innovative approach, allied with their “boring” reliability allows me to make promises that I am 100% certain will be fulfilled.

Just saying……!

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