During the week 9-16 November 2013, the Dutch city of Eindhoven will for the eighth consecutive year become a showcase of interventions, installations, performances and events based on the phenomena of artificial light. An installation comprising of 1,001 individual high brightness RGB LED-powered MENTOR M-Tubes will be one of the twelve key works of art.

Light affects human behaviour. Rapidly changing lights makes us restless, while slowly changing light has a calming effect. The goal of the MENTOR-powered “1001 Light Rain” installation is to increase the quality of life in the public domain through new uses of light. “1001 Light” Rain was developed in collaboration with Bosch.

1,001 MENTOR M-Tube light conductors are suspended like rain drops above the spectators. Their movements are registered by cameras and sensors, and influence the play of light in the air. A single passer-by creates a very different display than a large group of gesticulating spectators. The same goes for a group that stands quietly, or people weaving in and out of each other. “1001 Light Rain” invites people to explore the possibilities of the installation, creating new patterns of light on their own, or with other people.

Find out more about the Eindhoven “Glow” week at For technical details about M-Tubes and how they can be used in consumer and industrial products as well as architecture, please contact me, Duncan Grove, at or call +44 203 475 2600. (As a passionate photographer, ( I am currently debating how I can justify jumping on a plane with my cameras in order to shoot this Eindhoven event!)

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