MENTOR has been setting standards in the design and manufacture of mechanical, electronic and opto-electronic components since 1920.

Below, you can choose to either see overviews of MENTOR’s electronic component categories or speedily download the relevant nine detailed catalogues.  These cover MENTOR’s standard ranges of light guides, M-Tubes, keypad and illuminated switch components, THT and SMD components, opto-electronics components, handles and knobs. Please e-mail Multitron to request hard copies.

Light Guides

Visit our new Light Guides microsite, detailing MENTOR's broad range of light guides / light pipes including flexible light guide systems, light guides for front panels or with embedded LEDs, single and multiple bargraph displays (horizontal and vertical) plus miniature light guides, light guide switches and NEW M-Cut 2D light guides.

Visit the Light Guides microsite... | Download the MENTOR Light Guides catalogue (PDF)

SMD Components

MENTOR's Surface Mounted Device (SMD) components include LED light guide systems for use in fully-automated production processes, SMD LED display systems, front panels and mounting accessories, SMD fuse holders and SMD bridges, test jacks and a varied range of SMD push-button and toggle switches.

Read an overview of the range... | Download the MENTOR SMD Components catalogue

Opto Electronic Components

Opto electronics available from MENTOR include LED display systems (single LED, Matrix Array and bargraph displays), indicator lamps and sensors, lamp holders and reflectors.

Read an overview of the range... | Download the MENTOR Opto Electronic Components catalogue (PDF)

Handles and Enclosure Accessories

MENTOR offer a diverse collection of plastic, aluminium, steel and stainless steel handles including “Bow-Type”, recessed and folding handles; each handle style is designed to be ergonomic and comfortable, with options that can be configured to meet any dimension.

Read an overview of the range... | Download the MENTOR Handles and Enclosure Accessories catalogue (PDF)

Knobs – Metal and Plastic

From digital and analogue rotating knobs to wing-knobs, pointing knobs and high precision turning knobs, MENTOR's collection of plastic and aluminium knobs offer an aesthetic and ergonomic solution for every application.

Read an overview of the range... | Download the MENTOR Metal and Plastic Knobs catalogue (PDF)

THT Components

MENTOR's Through Hole Technology (THT) components include 7 segment displays and LED display systems, front panels and mounting accessories, THT switch series inclusive of toggle and slide switches plus potentiometers, fuse holders and plugs.

Read an overview of the range... | Download the MENTOR THT Components catalogue (PDF)

Keypad components and accessories and Light Guide-based 7-segment displays

MENTOR's keypad components offer a multitude of design options including 7 segment display modules, pushbuttons and illuminated switches, components for membrane keypads, light guides for use with individual LEDS plus keypad interface boards.

Read an overview of the range... | Download the MENTOR Light Guide-based 7-segment displays catalogue (PDF)


These tubular lights can either be rigid of flexible, available in diameters between 5mm and 10mm and lengths of over 2 metres. A key feature of MENTOR's M-Tubes is that they provide homogeneous light from just two LEDs – one at either end. Applications are diverse, from halo lighting around MHI panels through marine illumination, to architectural use. What can you imagine using them for?
Read an Overview in our Technology Spotlight...

Download the MENTOR M-Tubes catalogue (PDF)

MENTOR Lighting ideas

Read the Overview and Summary pages of our Custom Solutions section...

Download the MENTOR Lighting Ideas catalogue (PDF)