Finding the ideal light guide and understanding all the options available has just got a whole lot easier for Design Engineers with the launch of Multitron’s new Light Guide Microsite. This is carefully designed to help Engineers easily navigate to the optimum Light Guide solution for their application.  The MENTOR range of standard Light Guides is amongst the most comprehensive in the world, offering over 450 part numbers, the majority of which are immediately available ex-stock.  Practically all of these have the ability to be modified in dimension or material used, often with little or no tooling cost.  MENTOR’s new M-CUT 2D-Custom Light Guide range allows engineers to specify any free-form shape and size in two dimensions with no tooling cost and an MOQ of just 300 pcs.  MENTOR are also experts in providing totally custom LED lighting solutions.  All of the myriad of MENTOR Light Guide solutions are quickly and easily found using the Microsite.

It provides a range overview for those who need it and then breaks the range into six categories for those who want to jump straight into the detail. “Category Description” pages provide invaluable general insights whilst the “Graphical Category Overview” pages provide an “at a glance” understanding of the different types of light guides available in that particular category, along with direct links to the detail pages.  The latter include dimensioned drawings, simple selection charts and information on ex-stock availability, MOQs for non-stocked parts etc.  Rather than present long lists of tables, the site uses graphical icons with “instant on hover” explanatory tool-tips.

With substantial and invaluable help from MENTOR, we have tried hard to make Multitron’s new Light Guide Microsite the web’s most comprehensive resource and obvious first port-of-call for specialist engineers seeking the optimum light guide.  It will no doubt be a “work in progress” for several years to come and we would appreciate feedback and suggestions for improvement.

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